Developed in conjunction with industry specialists, FloDynamix’s FD-400 (Four-Channel) and FD-200 (Two-Channel) air sampler models are advanced semi-automated programmable air and gas samplers. These air and gas samplers are designed to collect air or gas samples from various environments and provide a fast, accurate sample collection in an easy to use package. As an aid for tracing airborne contamination, these air and gas samplers enable sophisticated manufacturers to determine air quality in production environments.

FloDynamix’s FD-400 and FD-200 air and gas samplers can collect multiple air samples from different locations simultaneously without operator interface. The collected samples can be directly analyzed by IC, ICP-MS, HPLC or GC/MS down to PPT (part per trillion) levels of detection for ionic and organic air contaminants, or by SEM/EDX for particle characterization.


• Identify sources of airborne contamination

• Monitor factory & fugitive emissions for regulatory compliance like AB32

• Excellent for monitoring air filter efficiency including HEPA filters


• Absorbs corrosive gases,  organic vapors  and ions from air 

• Absorbs airborne particles 

• Capable of sampling difficult to absorb gases  like  SOx, POx, NOx, & NHx complexes

• Advanced Air Diffuser with >98% recovery of most gases 

• Multiple sampling ports for up to four simultaneous samples 

• Real time monitoring of pressure, temperature & humidity 

• Accurate from PPM to PPT levels of absorption 

• Variable flow rate 

• Portable

• Ambient air analysis for negative, neutral, positive inorganic ions, and organic contaminants 
in the environment (COx, NOx, SOx, POx, NHx, R-COO, R-NHx, R-OH, R-CO-R etc.)

• Continuous emissions monitoring for acid gasses and ammonia from industrial stacks

• Air sampling in electronics manufacturing clean rooms and monitoring efficiency of clean 
room filters

• Ambient air analysis in chemical manufacturing for industrial hygiene

• Economical  & very user friendly

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