FloDynamix had its beginning in early 2008 with the aim of providing sealing solutions that substantially reduce cost of ownership. In chemical and hydrocarbon processing, unplanned leaks and spillage due to component failures result in loss of production and cause environmental and community setbacks.  Fugitive emissions from control valves as well as secondary mechanical seal failures in pumps endanger the health and safety of employees and surrounding community.  In semiconductors, seal failures before scheduled preventive maintenance result in extended downtime with loss of production. With environmental concerns at heart, FloDynamix strives to provide the most technologically sound products that keep cost of ownership at a minimum while protecting people and assets. While trained as Engineers and Scientists, FloDynamix founders have over 50 years of combined industry experience in oil & gas, chemical processing and electronics industries.  FloDynamix’s line of products will: 

• Reduce installed cost
• Reduce cost of ownership
• Improve PM cycle frequency

FloDynamix strives to provide the most technologically sound products. All Gumlast™ and Kratos™ parts are made in US and manufactured in state of the art, highly modernized and ISO 9001 certified production lines with very high line yield. Our clients rely on the manufacturing quality, performance and safety of our O-rings to be used in some of the most aggressive manufacturing and environmental conditions. O-rings are widely used in industries such as semiconductor, biopharma, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas exploration, aerospace, and petroleum. The broad base use of O-rings and seals include: vacuum pumps, reactor vessels, compressors, engines, special processing equipment, vacuum furnaces, hatch covers, large process and pipeline valves, fittings, bearings, autoclaves, flanges, drilling equipment, heat exchangers and HVAC equipment.

Gumlast™ O-rings and custom shapes are made from 100% pure perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) backbone polymers.  Gumlast™ is resistant to over 2,000 different chemicals and temperatures up to 620°F. Our quality Gumlast™ parts have been benchmarked and tested against leading FFKM brands and showed superb properties when exposed to harsh elements. The key factor in Gumlast's superior performance over other perfluoroelastomers is “Pseudo-Living Polymerization.” This proprietary technology delivers repeatable and consistent cross-linking of backbone monomers, thus removing performance-reducing variability of finished polymer. Gumlast™ O-rings and custom shapes are the perfect low-cost solution for all of your sealing needs in the highly aggressive chemical processing, semiconductor processing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, aerospace and petroleum applications industries.  Although Kratos™ UHE was developed to bridge the gap between FKM and FFKM compounds, today it is replacing FFKM parts at over 80% cost savings.  Contact us for a cost-saving quote on high-quality O-rings and custom shapes. 

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